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Intro to Indirect Cost Recovery › Grants Development & Management 1.5 CPE
OnDemand Better Budgets Mean Better Grant Applications › Grants Development & Management
OnDemand Procurement Under the Uniform Guidance › Grants Development & Management
OnDemand Post-Award Noncompliance and Audit Resolution › Grants Development & Management
OnDemand Tell Your Story by the Numbers:
How to Develop a Compelling, Evidence-Based Statement of Need ›
Grants Development & Management
OnDemand Internal Controls: What They Are and How to Ensure Compliance
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Grants Development & Management
OnDemand Time and Effort Reporting: Avoiding Cost Disallowances in 2018 › Grants Development & Management
OnDemand Employee, Contractor, or Subrecipient?
A Compliance-Based Decision-Making Process for Non-Federal Entities ›
Grants Development & Management
OnDemand Are Your Policies & Procedures Aligned with the Uniform Guidance? › Grants Development & Management
OnDemand Funding Reduction Readiness:
Strategies for Sustaining Grant Funding Amid Possible Spending Cuts ›
Grants Development & Management
OnDemand Don't Lose Your Funding:
Demonstrate "Substantial Progress" Towards Achieving Grant Objectives ›
Grants Development & Management
OnDemand 2017 Compliance Supplement: What You Need to Know › Grants Development & Management
OnDemand Formative Evaluation: How to Ensure Your Program Implementation
Will Provide Meaningful Results ›
Grants Development & Management
OnDemand Grants Allowability and Selected Items of Cost Under the Uniform Grant Guidance -
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Grants Management
OnDemand Site Visits: How to Prepare, Impress and Come Out Finding-Free › Grants Management
OnDemand What to Watch For: Key Risk Areas and Pitfalls for Federal Grantees › Grants Management
OnDemand Metrics of Evaluation: Best Strategies for Measuring the Success of Your Grant › Grants Management
OnDemand Grant Funding for State and Local Governments:
Overseeing Subrecipients and Contracts ›
Grants Development & Management
OnDemand Rules of the Game: Understanding the Structure of the Uniform Guidance › Grants Development & Management
OnDemand The Relationship Between Proposal Writing and Compliance and Performance › Grants Development & Management
OnDemand Risk Evaluation Requirements Under the Uniform Grant Guidance › Grants
OnDemand The DATA Act:
Understanding the Impact on Federal Grants and the Transformation of Federal Spending ›
Grants Development & Management
OnDemand Resolving Audit Findings In The Uniform Guidance Era:
A Briefing for Grant Recipients and Subrecipients ›
Grants Management
OnDemand Grant Writing: Measuring & Communicating Impact › Grants Management
OnDemand Improper Payments Under the Uniform Grants Guidance › Grants Management
OnDemand Updating Your Closeout Procedures Under The Uniform Grant Guidance › Grants Management
OnDemand New GAO Revisions to the Government Auditing Standards (GAGAS):
Understanding the Yellow Book Exposure Draft ›
Grants Management
OnDemand Financial Management Under the Uniform Grant Guidance › Grants Management
OnDemand Tribal Government Exemptions Under The Uniform Grant Guidance › Grants Management
OnDemand Indirect Costs & Cost Allocation Plans:
Options & Requirements Under the Uniform Guidance ›
Grants Management
OnDemand Grant Applications That Win Funding: How to Write for Your Grant Reviewer › Grants Management
OnDemand Purchasing Using Federal Grants: Understanding the Uniform Guidance Requirements › Grants Management
OnDemand Cost Allowability in 2017: Understanding OMB’s Federal Award Cost Principles › Grants Management
OnDemand The State of Federal Grants in 2017: A Look at Federal Grants Under the Trump Administration › Grants Management
OnDemand Preparing for an Audit Under the Uniform Grant Guidance: New Strategies and Techniques › Grants Management
OnDemand Risk and Integrity Assessments Under FAPIIS - What You Need To Know › Grants Management
OnDemand Subrecipient Monitoring Controls: Breaking Down and
Analyzing Your Processes for Compliance ›
Grants Management
OnDemand Enough Talk Already! Let’s Roll Up Our Sleeves and Write A Grant Proposal -
Grant Writing in 2017 - Strategies for making your Application Standout ›
Grants Management
OnDemand Time & Effort Documentation: Complying with the Uniform Guidance Requirements › Grants Management
OnDemand Policies and Procedures in 2017: Complying with the Uniform Guidance › Grants Management