Federal Grants... Not Just For The Big Dogs


Its often assumed on the part of smaller grantseeking organizations that federal grants are out of their reach. Part of this is due to the increased complexity of applying for a federal grant, and part of it is due to the perception that federal grants are exclusively the purview of larger grantseeking organizations - but this may not entirely be the case.

Read this whitepaper, based on data that powers Thompson Grants' new grant-finding database GrantScape, to take an in-depth look at what awarding trends emerge from smaller, more niche grants and why even the smallest organizations should start considering federal grants seriously.

Inside, you'll learn about:

  • How the government spends grants of $50,000 and below
  • Who they're most likely to give smaller grants to
  • Trends to look out for if you're a grantseeker looking for federal money

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