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Single Audit Information Service

With detailed analyses of every aspect of single audit law and policy, provides cost-effective and practical guidance on preparing for and performing single audits.

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You may charge the cost of a subscription to this platform against your federal award? Within Section 200.454(b), the uniform grants guidance contains an allowable item of cost for memberships, subscriptions and professional activity costs. Of course, you’ll want to verify that there is no specific restriction in the approved grant budget or the award documents with your program director, finance officer or granting agency, but there is an excellent chance that your federal award can be used to pay for a subscription.

Thompson’s Single Audit Information Service breaks down the most complex and potentially confusing single audit requirements so you can take the steps needed to stay in compliance with the complicated, detailed rules governing this federal requirement for grant recipients that expend more than $750,000 in agency funding - a threshold that has just been raised from $500,000 under new uniform grant reform guidance. But what if your organization doesn't make the audit threshold? Should you still do audits, and what would you include? Find out about the audit process, different types of audits, the most recurring audit findings that persistently cause trouble and how to avoid them.

Keep up with the changes that impact audits under OMB's new uniform grant guidance: Single Audit Information Service - the most extensive and easy-to-use resource of its kind - keeps you abreast of the grant reform’s impact on single audit requirements by tracking every step of the process from the guidance’s roll out to agency implementation.

With Single Audit Information Service you can:

  • Improve processes from soliciting bids for audit services to preparing audit reports to resolving audit findings with federal officials
  • Stay in compliance with every aspect of single audit law - your best defense against the loss of funds and other enforcement actions.
  • Understand your responsibilities by translating government jargon into easy to understand text and clarifying all of the single audit law and policies
  • Keep informed with monthly updates as needed on the latest government documents and revisions
  • Successfully handle an audit, increase its benefits and limit its potentially adverse impact
  • Contact the editor with unanswered questions - a special resource for customers

Major Topics Covered

Single Audit Information Service is a comprehensive guide to all of the steps federal grantees and auditors must follow to ensure Single Audit Act compliance. From soliciting bids for audit services to preparing audit reports to resolving audit findings with federal officials, the Service provides detailed analyses of every aspect of single audit law and policy. It provides cost-effective and practical guidance on preparing for and performing single audits. All of the primary source documents grantees and auditors need are included - OMB circulars, GAO standards and federal agency regulations and guidance. Throughout the Service, you’ll find helpful compliance tools such as checklists, sample reports and proven methods of single audit compliance. Regular newsletters and Service updates provide up-to-date news and analysis.

Featured Topics

  • Overview of Audit Requirements
  • Arranging for Audits
  • What is Reviewed in an Audit
  • Contents of the Audit Reporting Package and How It’s Used
  • Audit Follow-Up
  • Monitoring Subrecipients
  • Technical Assistance Materials

Here are just a few benefits of Thompson's Grants Compliance Expert | Single Audit Information Service:

  • Stay ahead of the game with rolling updates as soon as important changes happen — you won’t have to wait for a monthly update, we’ll get late-breaking news and developing issues to you right away!*
  • Reduce your risk of noncompliance by consulting our wide array of expert analysis and suggested best practices — the key to compliance is staying informed!
  • Find exactly what you need quickly with our powerful search engines.*
  • Resolve unique situations and answer your complex questions with easy access to subject matter experts
  • Easily access GAO, OMB and Agency-Specific Guidance — we compile all the federal agency guidance and prior grant circulars administrators need in one location
  • Quickly consult federal laws and regulations via CaseMaker® — a continually updated collection of primary sources including federal and state statutes and regulations. Of course, the laws and regulations also are fully searchable.*
  • Contact our Subject Matter Experts with unanswered questions.
  • Spotlight on Grants Intelligence — a monthly email newsfeed, these articles highlight insight from some of the nation’s leading grant professionals. You’ll get authoritative information on hot topics and current events in grants management to help you stay abreast of the latest compliance issues, gain access to best practices and help you avoid audit findings and potential penalties.*
  • Education & Training — specially selected webinars for your own professional development are included as part of your Federal Grants Compliance Expert. The New A-133 Compliance Supplement and Its Impact on Grant Audits is just one example. You’ll also be able to download handouts and related materials you can use to train your staff and other managers in your organization.*

* Only available to customers with an online subscription.

About Your Subscription

You will receive the two-volume Single Audit Information Service in print and/or access to the manual online at Based on the delivery method you choose, your annual subscription also includes monthly print and/or rolling digital updates, news, analysis, training tools, forms and more at no additional charge for the 12-month subscription period. If you have any questions or would like information about bulk pricing or site licenses, please contact Client Services at 800-677-3789 or by emailing

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Finally! A practical guide to grants management.

Get practical grants management guidance that blends age-old conventional wisdom
with the historic changes in OMB’s uniform guidance:
Add A Practical Guide to Federal Grants Management -
From Solicitation Through Audit, 2nd Edition
to your order!

This comprehensive resource blends age-old conventional wisdom with the historic changes in OMB’s uniform guidance. You'll benefit from the advice of experts on time and effort reporting, procurement under grants, direct charging certain costs, single audit preparations, subrecipient monitoring and much more. The 500+ page softbound book is a valuable management guide, compliance document and training tool for busy grants managers, program directors, financial officers and auditors at nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and state and local governments.

This valuable resource will help you and your grants management team:

  • Understand the differences between direct and indirect costs
  • Make the subrecipient vs. contractor determination
  • Realize the full impact of OMB’s emphasis on internal controls
  • Understand which familiar elements of time and effort reporting have been retained in the uniform guidance ... and which are new
  • Know the nuances of requirements for subrecipient assessment and monitoring
  • Understand contract clauses in agreements for procurement under grants
  • Apply the general tests of allowability
  • Understand special issues confronting pass-through entities contracting with foreign organizations
  • Know which clauses flow down when crafting a subaward
  • Understand what is meant by a 10% de minimis indirect cost rate
  • Audit the vulnerabilities in your grants management operation
  • Understand what is meant by audit "resolution"
    ...and much more