Thompson's Guide to Grants Terminology


Managing a federal grant is complex! Not only are you required to follow a multitude of regulations and policies to stay in compliance, there is a whole range of terminology you must learn. Because entities and organizations are currently facing a high degree of turnover, getting up to speed on these terms is critical for success.

What exactly is a modular grant? What is the additive alternative? Do you know what a time and materials contract is? What does value engineering mean? What exactly is the difference between equipment and supplies? Thompson’s Grants latest free resource, Thompson's Guide to Grants Terminology, compiles many of the standard definitions within grants in one place to give you quick access to what these terms mean and how they are used.

This document goes beyond the Subpart A definitions within OMB’s uniform guidance to provide an expanded list to terms you may run across in your day-to-day administration of a federal award. By downloading this resource, users can print out the document for quick deskside access, or click on an electronic version with direct links to definitions under each letter.  

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