Thompson Grants 360

Thompson Grants 360 will equip your team with a revolutionary grant-finding database that can help you find the right funding opportunities for your organization as well as comprehensive and easy-to-understand compliance guidance that has helped grant recipients across the country expertly manage funding for over 40 years.

Subscribers Benefit From:

Desk References

In addition to the all-in-one services of the Thompson Grants Compliance Expert, Thompson Grants maintains its longstanding history as a leading publisher in the grants community with a selection of cost-effective physical books designed to serve as quick-reference guides for grants professionals. These resources are perfect for training new team members on the grants life cycle, gaining specialized knowledge on an awarding agency and referencing whenever an everyday compliance question comes up.

Thompson Grants Compliance Guides include:
  • Let’s Write a Grant!
  • A Practical Guide to Grants Management – From Solicitation Through Audit
  • Techniques for Monitoring Federal Subawards
  • Department of Education Compliance Directory
  • And more!