Discover Thompson Grants new revolutionary grant-finding database, representing millions in funding from
federal agencies, state governments, local municipalities and private foundations.

Why GrantScape?

GrantScape delivers the widest-reaching source of grants opportunities.

While most grant-finding services typically address only a segment of available funding, Thompson Grants' experience working with large sets of government data combined with our large team of researchers who collect opportunities from thousands of different sources and data feeds, power GrantScape to be the most comprehensive database available.


GrantScape's data is timely and current.

Because GrantScape is built on a proprietary research technology that detects any updates to grants, our data process provides a level of information accuracy not previously obtainable through manual research methods. This "secret sauce" technology results in a database that is much more current than those that are sourced through manual research.


GrantScape will only get better with time.

As a subscriber, you will benefit from Thompson Grants' commitment to investing time and resources into continuously improving and expanding GrantScape's capabilities.