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Turn to Thompson Grants for Onsite Grants Compliance Training
That Spans the Entire Grants Lifecycle

Our comprehensive Onsite Grants Compliance Training, spanning the entire grants lifecycle, will help your team learn how to successfully manage your grants as well as your recipients and subrecipients in compliance with the uniform guidance. We will work with you to configure a training program that fits your organization's unique needs and/or challenges.

We cover the shifting requirements for federal agencies, pass-through entities, recipients and subrecipients and address the most vexing challenges in grants development, management and single audits.

Benefit from clear instruction on the most complex and potentially confusing guidance and regulations issued by OMB, the Government Accountability Office (GAO), Treasury and all federal grant-making agencies, so you can take the steps needed to stay in compliance with the complicated, detailed rules that govern federal funding.

Thompson Grants’ onsite training includes the eight training sessions spaced over two days. Each session is 90 minutes and includes expert instruction, interactive group exercises and a chance for Q&A. CPE and GPCI CEU credits are available upon request.


Simply put, we'll help your program, compliance, finance and/or audit offices better understand the ins and outs of the full lifecycle of federal grants, including development, management and audit.


Upon completion, all participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the challenges that arise and how to address risk and integrity
  • Follow key federal guidelines, compliance regulations and legislative authorities to address echnical and program performance
  • Better prepare for upcoming federal reforms, resulting in more effective grants processes and increased accountability

What's Included?

  • A two-day, onsite training program that features eight 90-minute sessions conducted by one expert trainer
  • A pre-training teleconference with your expert trainer and Thompson Grants’ training coordinators to collaboratively plan a successful training event.
  • An in-person meeting the day before the training to address training logistics, room arrangements, internet connectivity and any other necessary requirements.
  • Online access to all presentation slides and any supplemental materials, including a searchable copy of the full uniform guidance.
  • Up to 12 NASBA CPE and/or 12 GPCI continuing education credits for all training attendees.
  • A debriefing meeting at the end of the last day of training, if desired.
  • Travel arrangements for your expert trainer and Thompson Grants training coordinator.

You may be able to charge the cost of your training to your federal grant(s).

For state agencies and other nonfederal entities, under the cost principles of the uniform guidance, there are allowable items of cost for memberships, subscriptions and activity costs (§200.454b) as well as for webinars and onsite training (§200.472). Please check with your program director, finance officer or granting agency to ensure there is no restriction in the approved grant budget or the award documents. For federal agencies, there may be a special spending authority for the 1102 or 1109 position series that may apply, or an appropriation that would cover the costs of the onsite training.