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Sample Sessions

Thompson Grants’ group training includes up to eight 90-minute training sessions spaced over two days. Each session allows for expert instruction, interactive group exercises and Q&A. CPE and GPCI continuing education credits are available upon request.

The following sessions are only what makes up our standard training agenda. We have the capability to fully customize a program that addresses the unique needs and challenges of your organization.

Session 1: Introduction to Grants Administration and a Review of OMB’s Uniform Grant Guidance

  • Learn about key definitions and the overarching principles of the uniform guidance
  • Review common problem areas and explore potential solutions through processes that increase effective grants administration throughout the grant lifecycle
  • Discuss where to find the numerous pre and post-award requirements in the uniform guidance to ensure that you are managing your proposals and awards properly

Session 2: Internal Controls: Your First Line of Defense

  • Identify the key components of internal controls and explore the relevant requirements under the uniform guidance
  • Discuss the difference between preventative and detective controls
  • Review how real-world internal controls address specific compliance weaknesses

Session 3: How to Manage Subaward Agreements and Monitor Subrecipients

  • Identify similarities and differences between a subaward or assistance agreements and acquisitions or contract agreements
  • Explore how to select the appropriate award instrument (i.e., contract vs. subaward)
  • Learn to establish a monitoring plan and conduct site visits to improve subrecipient or contractor performance and increase accountability
  • Understand the requirements of the uniform guidance as they pertain to effectively defining and managing external relationships

Session 4: Procurement Best Practices Under the Uniform Guidance

  • Learn how to align your procurement practices with the uniform guidance and understand the new procurement provisions (§200.317-.326)
  • Explore how to meet key challenges relating to hiring staff named in proposals, free and open competition, conflict of interest, sole source, cost principles and contract type
  • Identify what to include in a procurement policy

Session 5: Indirect Cost Recovery Strategies

  • Indirect Cost Recovery Strategies
  • Recognize changes to indirect costs
  • Review considerations to obtain a rate
  • Identify key requirements for cost allocation plans

Session 6: Policies and Procedures: Making the Uniform Guidance Work, at Work

  • Learn uniform guidance requirements pertaining to grantee policies and procedures
  • Identify and prioritize organizational policies and procedures that most likely will need to be created or modified to ensure compliance
  • Improve proficiency when writing organizational policy and procedures to ensure they align with grant regulations
  • Learn the qualities of a well-written policy or procedure

Session 7: The Ins and Outs of Program Performance

  • Review tools for making and reporting substantial progress
  • Discover how to assess your risk of not making substantial progress
  • Learn monitoring and reporting practices that help you ensure compliance with your stated objectives
  • Understand your obligations to monitor and report performance under UGG section 200.328

Session 8: Time and Effort Reporting

  • Understand the difference between Payroll Certification in the uniform guidance, and Time and Effort documentation requirements in superseded OMB circulars
  • Review best practices for developing a system for reporting time and effort
  • Discuss which audit procedures to anticipate

And more! We are able to accommodate requests for specific session topics.