2019 Grants: A Year In Review


Download the slide deck from Thompson Grants' session at GPA's 2019 Annual Conference!

Building off of Thompson Grants wildly popular year-in-review session at last year's Annual Conference, this presentation uses data to analyze spending trends, give attendees a snapshot of key federal agencies and their spending habits and forecast potential spending trends.

We will also tackle some of the more salient interest points from last year’s presentation, including the effects of a state's political affiliation compared to its grants funding and how having a major university can skew your state’s funding numbers.

The goal is for attendees to both understand the broad scope of federal spending, and to give specific examples to them that will allow them to have actionable insights to take back to their company, county, state agency, or organization, and better understand the world of grants as they reach out for funding.

About the Speaker:

Duncan Bell is Vice President of Data Services at Thompson Grants, a compliance information publisher and data provider servicing the grants community with trusted guidance and practical tools since 1972. Duncan has been working in data for seven years and is passionate about the power of data to improve efficiency and derive insight. Duncan's team is responsible for the upkeep, development, and progression of GrantScape (www.thegrantscape.com), Thompson Grants’ online database of grant opportunities containing nearly 7,500 active grants from both government and private sources and representing over $29 billion in funding.

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